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Regarding Makita Batteries for Cordless Powertools

It has come to the attention of Makita that a number of unofficial copies and/or imitations of Makita's batteries have been appearing on the market, along with companies offering re-celling of Makita batteries. The use of such imitations and/or copies or modification of Makita batteries for use with Makita cordless powertools is strongly discouraged.

Makita cannot be held liable or responsible for any injury, degraded performance or hardware breakdown caused by the use of unofficial batteries or replaced battery cells.

We have seen batteries which are unsafe due to no cell monitoring, the internal wiring too small and many only charge to half capacity.

Makita therefore strongly recommends for safety reasons and to ensure maximum performance to only use official Makita batteries throughout the entirety of its cordless power tool range

The use of these unofficial batteries and the replacing of battery cells will invalidate Makita's warranty.

We ask that our customers remain diligent in making sure they only use Makita batteries and only purchase them from authorised Makita dealers and outlets.


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